Electronic registry - Elpis

Electronic registry Smart Elpis enables your organization's business digitalization and automatization of demanding tasks and processes related to documentation. Through our solution, you will easily include all documentation that is received in the registry and the archive, and the distribution and internal delivery within the organization will be automatically performed.

The main advantage of this applicative solution is that it optimizes operations and introduce new level of efficiency and security in your business by converting documents into records. In addition, it is easy to use and complies with legal regulations.

  • Increase efficiency

    • Digitizing documents reduces the possibility of document sorting errors
    • Reduce the risk of document loss to a minimum
    • Reduce copying and printing costs
    • Shorten the time of receiving and processing items
    • Searches are accelerated and simplified
    • Manage the protection of your confidential data

  • Intuitive and simplified work

    Every document that enters or leaves the organization is registered under a certain reference number, scanned, and entered into the database in its electronic form. In that way, central database documentation is formed, as well as information, and all electronic documents are available at any time, regardless of their physical location.

  • Automated internal distribution of documentation and information to stakeholders

    The internal distribution of the documentation is defined during filling and can be by organizational or individuals. Notifications are automatically delivered to target groups via email and case details are immediately available. Full control over documents, timely information, and quick response and resolution of cases is achieved.

  • Fast and secure search

    By using the offered search options, significant savings are achieved in the time required to process and find the appropriate, with assigned authorizations of employee. Documents are protected and always readable. The risk of losing or destroying document due to poor storage conditions is also minimalized.

    Security policies apply to individual users and defined groups. This ensures absolute security when it comes to unauthorized access to data and information.

  • Module and solution sections

    Module for employees

    Modul for employees includes receiving items, searching documents by various criteria, reviewing items, and downloading attached documents all classified through the section My email, Search, and Item Details. *Depending on the role assigned case review rights to differ.


    This module is aimed at clerks who record items in the register, search, modify and review items and create and download records. In addition to the record book, it contains other important records of documentation – Internal delivery book, Mail delivery book, List of acts. Records can be generated according to different criteria and further generated in pdf format.

    Record book
    • Adding a new base number
    • Search for items by multiple criteria
    • Access to case details
    • Adding sub numbers within a specific base number
    • Moving between sub numbers of the specific base number
    • Possibility to change individual data
    • Adding, changing, and deleting attached documents
    • Merging items

    Internal delivery book

    Mail delivery book
    • Inbox (recommendations)
    • Foreign mail book
    • Regular letters
    • Collective mail book
    • Delivery book for the city

    List of acts
    • List of acts
    • File cover
    • List of documents

    Application setup
    Module for admins enables adding employees, creating different codebooks, defining organizational units, defining delivery, and performing cross-sections of the workbook.

  • Interesting statistics

    A lot of research has been done on the topic of working with documents and team member productivity. One such is Cooper and Lybrand research, according to which:

    • 90% of documents in the organization passes through several people, more than is necessary
    • 19 times, on average the document has been copied in its life cycle
    • The volume of documentation increases by 22% every year
    • 7,5% of all documents are lost
    • 3% of documents are entered incorrectly
    • Up to 50% of the time, employees who deal with documentation, is spent on finding documentation and searching for information, and only 5-15% on reading the information
    • Paper documents fade over time and require additional storage space

    Eliminate or minimize these documentation problems, with the Smart Elpis solution and raise your efficiency, productivity, and safety to a whole new level.