Extranet Portals

Connect your external users to the internal network using the extranet portal!

Extranet portals provide controlled access to relevant and critical data and services of the company to relevant third parties (partners, suppliers, independent business associates, customers…) in a safe and secure manner.

Providing powerful customer service and experience is a top priority for any organization, and our extranet portals, built on Microsoft SharePoint technology, enhance the wide range of relationships that a business relies on. Give teams a central, secure space to communicate, collaborate, and share information with third parties to always move toward a common goal.

Connect, communicate, and collaborate on an integrated platform tailored to your needs!

  • Connecting with users

    Extranet can provide you with a centralized, self-service place for your customers where they will get the relevant information they are looking for, a place where they can find help, where they will give you feedback and where they will interact directly with your brand.

  • Cooperation leading to create advantages in the global market

    Extranet allows you instant communication and collaboration on projects and logistical aspects crucial from the business operation with all external participants, and thus give the company an advantage in the global market. Through extranet portals, you are enabled to strengthen connections with the external network, launch innovations and exchange knowledge on a unique and secure platform.

  • Connecting with partners

    By sharing up-to-date strategic information and collaborating on joint projects, you and your partners will be kept informed and thus gain an advantage over your competition. The extranet site provides you with a safe place for external communication and collaboration with reliable business partners.

  • Coordination with suppliers

    Improved communication between customers and suppliers can increase efficiency on both sides. From the supplier’s point of view, the extranet can contribute to better offer visibility. From the customer’s point of view, the extranet enables self-service purchasing and payment management.

  • Why you need an extranet site

    In addition to the listed functionalities that websites have, the key functionalities of extranet sites are:
    • Data isolation within the production network – external access is enabled via the peripheral DMZ network
    • Data maintenance within a single network
    • Easy access control
    • Implementation with separate or common AD infrastructure
    • Infrastructure communication using custom web services

  • Benefits

    In addition to the benefits listed for the website, we also emphasize:






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