Intranet Portals

The new reality in the workplace is rapidly changing the way the world operates. The technology has enabled companies to expand beyond the borders of corporate walls, working from different locations, without compromising efficiency and productivity.

Intranet portal is a platform that, in addition to the possibility of accessing the company's content, enables communication and cooperation of employees, exchange of knowledge and ideas, publishing internal news, company search, organizational analytics and much more.

  • Key functionalities

    Your unique place to connect, collaborate, and do business.
    • Portal & Content Management
    sharing news, information, and ideas with colleagues. Linking to other internal web applications
    • Document Management & Collaboration
    Working together on documents, even at the same time. Document changes are automatically tracked and recorded and can be tracked through versioning and co-authorship. Collaboration possible for discussions, answers, blog…
    • Workflow and Business Process Management
    monitoring and controlling the flow of documents through an automated process, as well as managing content access permissions
    • Task & Project Management
    organize projects and tasks so that they are visible through SharePoint, MS Outlook and Microsoft Project (Calendar of events)
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
    publishing reports and dashboards on the portal to provide insights with the people you work with
    • Advanced & Federated Search
    grateful and fast search of documents and information and through metadata

  • Benefits

    Intranet portals provide you with the agility and connectivity that companies need to monitor today. Customized Intranet portals of modern design, provide you with increased productivity and raising collaboration to a new level.
    • Centralized administration
    • Adaptability to customer needs
    • Simplified collaboration
    • Document tracking and content sharing
    • Social network – creating and animating an inner community
    • Care of corporate culture
    • Encouraging new ideas from employees
    • Consolidation of sites
    • Security and integrity
    • They are easy to use. They are easy to set up, run and manage
    • Reliable server platform designed to perform a large number of services with minimal downtime
    • Powerful and fast search
    • Scalable infrastructure
    • 100% customizable design

    Connect your employees with their projects, colleagues, business tools and company knowledge in one place. Increase their productivity and make their lives easier with notifications, unified search, video conferencing and more.

  • E-library module

    E-Library® is the simplest and most efficient solution to improve the personal efficiency and skills of your employees.

    Clear, beautifully designed, and easy to use; helps employees access useful content. Employees can find, read, or download the books they need in just a few seconds. The application is very clear and easy to use.

  • Books module

    Unlike the E-Library module, the Books module allows employees to book and physically rent books from the company library. This module is especially interesting for companies that abound in professional literature that can help employees in their daily work, as well as in the field of personal and professional development.
    In addition to searching and reviewing available books from the library, the application enables book reservations and notification of availability if the book is currently in use. Employees can rate books and leave comments for a specific book, to convey their opinion to colleagues.

    A useful option is also a notification as a reminder to the employee, which he received as a reminder when he did not return the book on time.

  • Smart New Content Notifier

    Smart New Content Notifier is an application that informs employees about a variety of new content created on the corporate portal.

    The solution will save time and energy that employees would spend on a manual search of all changes that have occurred on the portal.

    It is easy to use, navigate and allows you to create specially defined notifications for each employee individually.

  • Knowledge base module

    A very useful thing is when you can find all the information you are interested in on a certain topic in one place. This is exactly what you can have through the Knowledge Base module. By simply selecting the term you are interested in, you will be able to view the content and documents related to the desired topic, which can be in the form of articles, photos, videos, links…

  • Mentoring Hub

    Mentoring basically guarantees young business people that there is someone who takes care of them, assures them that they are not alone in solving everyday professional challenges, and makes them feel important. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have strong positive effects on young business people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Finally, mentoring connects the young person with personal growth and development, as well as with social and economic opportunities.

    Precisely for all the above reasons, this module is extremely valuable for the company’s community. Through this application, you can become a mentor or get your own mentor. At any time, you can look at a quality database of success stories and shared experiences of colleagues.

  • Special Leave & Vacation Planner

    Planning vacations and special leave for employees can be easy if you use the right tools and strategies. This module simplifies and simplifies the process of submitting a request for leave, the process of approving / rejecting a request and enables you to make smart decisions.

    Through connected and automated processes and overview calendars, you will shorten the time you have spent on this activity so far. This vacation planning mode also keeps a history of employees leaving, so there is no need to keep records on paper.

    Your employees will be able to access their personal files on any device to request a vacation and will no longer have to compose emails when they want to send a leave request.

  • Business Trip App

    Through the Business Trip module, employees can apply for approval of the business trip and budget for the same. According to the structure of the organization, the request is automatically assigned and can be approved or rejected by the superior.

    Upon approval, the solution is automatically generated in pdf format, which saves time and energy of employees, and is distributed to all relevant services in the organization, as well as to the employee who submitted a request for a business trip.

  • Birthday/Anniversary reminder

    The reminder module for birthdays and anniversaries is publicly available to all employees via the Intranet portal. Let your employees know you think of them! Don’t miss the opportunity to congratulate a colleague on his birthday or anniversary and show him that you care about them.

    We know from practice that this module is very useful and affects the positive social aspect among employees in the organization.



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