Software Testing

Software testing has saved many projects from failure. It is the process of analyzing a software element to determine the difference between an existing condition and a requirement. In this way, the quality of the software product is assessed.

Every serious company cares about the reputation that is created based on the delivered products / services and / or software. That is why testing is an important link in delivery and guarantees the quality of the desired level.

Software testing ensures the compatibility of the software product with regulatory, business, technical, functional and user requirements. “Quality assurance” is implemented during software development because it puts the emphasis on finding possible errors before the product enters the final phase.

  • The goal of software testing

    The main goal of software testing is to ensure the top quality of the produced software, which guarantees satisfaction and fulfillment of all requirements and needs of clients.

    • Error detection as soon as possible
    • Error prevention
    • Checking whether the client’s request has been met or not
    • Finally, the goal of testing is to measure product and project quality.

  • Software testing phases

    Our experts take their duties seriously. It will first thoroughly teach the requirements of the project / analysis, then define the current state of the product, identify business goals, needs and expectations of the client.
    Then, based on the collected and analyzed data, they will accurately estimate the time and resources needed to complete the project on time in order to make a testing plan. The submitted documentation, technical specifications, prototypes are carefully studied and based on all the data, a testing plan is made.

    Based on available resources, software testers create test cases and adjust the environment. They then test the software and record all detected errors through an error logging system. All errors found are promptly notified to the client throughout the testing process.